“I have a like-life it suits me fine!” – Luce used that sentence everytime she wanted to skip Edie’s attempts to take her out. She liked the girl but lately she was getting depressed after going to those gay-friendly pubs. “If I could only find someone that counts”, she often said to herself.

That bride impressed her in a very deep way. “Rachel”, that was the name. It made her smile. That’s why she accepted to stay there, taking care of Rachel’s sister, H.

She liked children, and H reminded her of her own childhood. Always asking questions to mom and dad, always wanting to know everything about nature and flowers.

Rachel… at least she had spoken to her, the punch episode had been really funny. Rachel… those big brown eyes, that big smile… Luce felt her trembling hand when she helped putting her ring around her finger. At least she had been of help…

But when Rachel started her wedding speech, she decided to leave, her nearness was beginning to hurt. The more she knew about the girl, the worse would have been for Luce. For she already had feelings for that girl. “Damn it, Luce! She just got married, she’s straight, forget about her!”

It was almost midnight when she got home. There were some messages in the answering machine –all from Edie. But she was too tired and lost in her own thoughts to call her back. She decided to go to bed, still thinking about Rachel. “I’d better forget this day for my own good”. But while she was falling asleep she remembered that H asked her if she could help her with some work she had to do at school. “Maybe I’ll see Rachel again”, she thought, smiling. That night, she dreamt of big brown eyes and blond hair…

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